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When performing a highly critical task like microsurgery, everything needs to be precise. To ensure the surgical procedure is done correctly, microsurgical instruments need to be ready to perform at their full potential. This is where we come in. Since 1977 the Sansone Microsurgical Co., Inc. has provided a superior microsurgical instrument repair and sharpening service nationwide for the trade and also directly for microsurgeons and hospital professionals. 

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When you trust in us, your instruments will be meticulously refurbished to demanding specifications. Our highly skilled artisans have devoted years to learning this exacting trade. 

Keep your microsurgical instruments working perfectly

About Us

Since our inception Sansone Microsurgical Co., Inc.'s mission has been to save our clients' money while offering the highest quality microsurgical instrument repairs and sharpening services available. With the ever increasing costs of new surgical instruments today it is prudent and wise to extend the life of your present surgical instrument inventory. When you Invest in high quality repairs you not only save money, but you also achieve a more rewarding surgeon experience which in-turn translates to a superior patient outcome.  

Over the years, our customers have included many of the top eye institutes, microsurgeons, prestigious hospitals, and outpatient surgery centers in the USA. We have also worked with many well-known national surgical instrument repair companies as a third-party vendor repairing some of their most difficult, challenging, and delicate microsurgical instruments. There is a very strong chance that we have already performed some specialty repairs for you through a large national repair company.

Contacting us directly now will save you significant time and money. It is true that more and more of the large national repair companies want to fix everything they can in-house, or in an on-site mobile lab, or on-location truck. However, no one company can be a specialist in all things. Often times they are still utilizing specialty third-party vendors such as ours to perform the most challenging and difficult repairs for you.

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