1. All orders received via FedEx, UPS, USPS, other common carriers, messenger service, private courier, or by any other delivery method will be considered as APPROVED for repair unless the Quotation box on the "Instrument Repair Work Order Form" found on the homepage of this website has a check mark in the YES box indicating that a Quotation has been requested. In the event that our "Instrument Repair Work Order Form" is NOT used, an explicit, noticeable, and obvious indication or request in writing MUST be present on the enclosed paperwork (documents) you alternately use specifically requesting a QUOTATION.

2. The enclosed documentation whether it is our "Instrument Repair Work Order Form" or other documents MUST list ALL items being sent in for repair. However, an explanation listing the damage of the surgical instrument such as bent, dull, not working, is NOT required.

3. A Purchase Order Number, Order Requisition Number, or Shipping Request Number should accompany each order sent in for repair to help us to identify details of the order and aid us in the payment process.

4. All orders received that require a QUOTATION MUST have a contact NAME and a direct PHONE NUMBER with extension (where applicable), or a valid EMAIL address so that the decision making party can be reached and notified of the work required and the costs involved to restore their instrument/s for us to obtain an approval to proceed with the order.

5. We will ONLY return ship via FedEx services. No other common, commercial carriers, or delivery methods are used by us.

6. Quotation declines will be returned at NO charge to the customer by us via insured FedEx ground as a FREE added value service.

7. If a customer specifically requests for a faster return shipment on a quotation decline other than our FREE standard return policy then the customer MUST provide their own FedEx shipper number which will be used to directly bill the shipment to their FedEx account number when their order is processed and their return shipping label is created.

8. ALL Quotations will receive a detailed microscopic inspection and internal written report on the condition of the enclosed instrument/s by a skilled technician to determine the damage and the extent of the repairs, parts replacement, and labor involved to restore your instrument to its proper working condition.

9. A Quotation given and approved does NOT guarantee that your instrument will be repaired. Due to the very delicate nature of microsurgical instruments there is always a possibility that the repair might not be successful. Although we have a 99% success repair rate, one of the best in the industry, there is still a chance that we might uncover hidden or additional damage to your instrument such as; discovering a concealed defect or hairline crack once the repair has initialized which could be considered by us as "Beyond Repair". We will NEVER attempt to weld any concealed, visible, or obvious cracks, or flaws, or attempt to ship an instrument back to you as repaired that does not meet with our strict quality control procedures.

10. If we attempt a repair on your surgical instrument whether it is a QUOTATION or NOT, and the repair is NOT successful for ANY reason, even if it is deemed to be our fault, we will NOT be held responsible to replace your broken instrument with a new instrument under ANY circumstances. Technically, ALL instruments that are sent to a repair facility such as ours for repair are NOT usable, and are not working properly in their received state. Therefore, we will NOT pay to replace ANY instruments sent to our facility for repair. Our ONLY responsibility and remedy will be to return the instrument to you insured FedEx ground at our expense.

11. If we CANNOT repair and/or do NOT deliver your instrument/s back to you in a time frame you expected, or for ANY reason, we will NOT be held liable or responsible for any incidental, consequential, compensatory, or ANY other damages resulting from that service failure such as, but not limited to; canceled surgical cases, changes made to operating room schedules, or surgical staff, or for ANY other reason whatsoever, which may, or may not have resulted from the non-delivery, non-repair, or late delivery of your instrument/s.

12. Typically work orders are repaired and return shipped within ONE WEEK from receipt which is our standard turnaround time. Occasionally, that turnaround time frame will vary more or less depending on the work load in the shop at any given period in time. National holidays, and weekends can also affect your turn-around time.

13. All return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the ORIGINAL shipper (customer), and those charges will be added to and appear as a separate line item on your invoice listed as "Shipping". We do NOT pay for ANY shipping charges in either direction. While some companies claim to pay for your shipping, they are in most cases burying the shipping cost into your actual repair charges. We prefer not to do that so you will always see a separate line item for your actual shipping charges. We do NOT make money on shipping. We charge the same rates to you that we are being billed for that specific service by FedEx. However, a small handling fee is added to each order shipment to offset required packaging materials and shipping supplies and that fee will be built into the return shipping charge you see on your invoice.

14. Instruments repaired by us are guaranteed to perform to your complete satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you receive a repair that does not meet to your specifications call our customer service department at 1-888-SANSONE (726-7663). We will either correct the problem at NO CHARGE, or CREDIT your account for the original repair charge.

15. Instruments that have been dropped, mishandled, or used for purposes that they were not designed for will automatically VOID their warranty.

16. Instruments returned to us as a complaint must be tip guarded, carefully packaged to prevent movement within the box, and returned in our packaging to avoid any further damage so that we may properly evaluate your complaint. Ship all returns pre-paid and insured to our Boca Raton address. Each shipment must be accompanied by a document showing the full name, contact phone number, facility name and address of the sender, list of the item/s being returned, our reference invoice number (if available), and the reason for their return. We will make every attempt to resolve the problem swiftly and to satisfy all your concerns.

17. Visible damages or apparent shortages must be reported on the carriers' delivery document at the time of delivery to you. The customer must inspect all items received upon arrival and report any error in shipment, or damage, within 72 hours by calling our customer service department at 1-888-SANSONE (726-7663).

18. Unless otherwise pre-arranged with us, our standard payment terms are net 30-days. Delinquent accounts are turned over to collections after 150 days past our standard payment terms which would be 180 days (6-months) past your actual order ship and invoice date. ALL charges related to collection attempts including any collection fees, attorney fees, and/or court costs, will become the sole responsibility of you, the CUSTOMER. Your account will be placed on a C.O.D. status or may be closed for future orders if you pay late more than three (3) times in any one calendar year.

19. The decision to ship instruments to our facility, and/or use our "Instrument Repair Work Order Form", you the (CUSTOMER) is acting as the responsible person (AGENT) for your facility. As such, you are thereby binding your facility to these policies and procedures set forth herein which constitutes your complete understanding and acceptance of these written "Terms and Conditions".

20. This agreement supersedes and takes precedence over ANY and ALL other documents either internal or external or otherwise pertaining to and/or related to surgical instrument repairs between us the (SELLER / SERVICE PROVIDER) and you, the (CUSTOMER/ AGENT).

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